Called at a young age, Terk stunned his parents and church officials when he declared that he did not wish to attend the Mauve Order (school run by priests of Torm and designed to train paladins to follow and serve Tyr) as was common among young boys wishing to be paladins. Instead, he wanted to travel halfway around the world, to the outskirts of civilization, and serve at a brand new temple that was not even completed yet.

At first, his parents refused. But when more and more priests came to them and spoke of visions and what-not, it became apparent that a higher power had designs on the boy.

And so, he traveled to Shadowdale and joined the tiny, fledgling following to Tyr and Torm just getting underway there.

As he started coming of age, he had more and more visions. While they are still trying to decipher their meanings, it is apparent that he was guided to this place, and is now being nudged toward the ancient forest of Cormanthor.


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