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  • Anae Norresithek

    - Well over 800 years old, she is very near the end of a great life. While she most often seems out of it, this in only from fatigue and frailty. She is still very perceptive. - She considers herself retired, and behaves as such.

  • Seaoth Melithtylar

    - 573 years old - He is old, bitter and all but given up any hope of joy and is now only waiting to die. - He is an ardent anti-retreatist and his life has lost meaning just watching the once glorious Cormanthor wither and die.

  • Jophis

    Jophis is more of an 'honorary' member of the monestary than a lifelong cleric. For centuries, he had acted as the handyman and what-not for the monestary. About 70 years ago, however, the brothers came to him and asked if he would like to be an official …

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