Chapter 5 Part 2

Claws of Sunsets 9, Year of the Wrathful Vizier

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Siam, who was concerned about being able to make it to the annual faerie festival, was feeling really good about their progress. Perfect spring weather helped them keep a very quick pace, and his companions were willing to push themselves a bit. On the sixth day, they were set back some however.

A little after noon, Lei informed Ardinia that there were strangers near. The party snuck up as close at they felt comfortable and were able to hear a group of humans arguing. Some of them were unhappy with another and they were arguing. Apparently, the one being chastised had been hired by the others to guide them on a hunting trip, but they were upset that once here, he had spent all his time doing his own trapping. Eirruilyr was immediately incensed but after Siam went up and got a look and came back to report that they had several silver fox skins, it was all the ranger could do to keep the warrior from going and killing all the humans immediately.

After a lengthy debate, they had a plan of action. That evening, the elves would attack. The trapper would not be spared. For his taking of their prized foxes, as well as to send a message to the others. Those, two men and a son of one of them, would be allowed to leave the Court. After nightfall, the elves made their way into position. Ardinia and Siam just got into their spot when they heard Arthon and Eirruilyr tromping through the forest off to their right. The trapper heard them as well and got up from the fire and stepped towards the trees to see if he could discover the source of the sound. In an instant, Eirruilyr was in the clearing and right beside the trapper as he was struck with arrows, both normal and magical. Arthon charged into the clearing and warned the other two men to stay out of the fray before turning his attention to the trapper.

The father ordered his son into their tent as his companion dove in there as well. The trapper fell under another arrow and Arthon’s blade as the man came back out of his tent with a bow in his hand. With a shot straight out of a bard’s tale,the bow exploded in his hand as Siam’s arrow ripped through it. Eirruilyr still smashed out a few of the man’s teeth for his indescrection. But other than this, the elves only warned them to respect and honor the Court and its inhabitants, and that they were to leave first thing in the morning. The elves took the fox pelts and left the humans to be.

Chapter 5 Part 2

No Retreat Arthon