Chapter 5 Part 3

TBC, Year of the Wrathful Vizier

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Nothing more than a quick spat of rain marred the travel south, and even that did not impede their progress. Siam felt very confident that he would have plenty of time to investigate the goings-on in the valley and still be able to return to the Glen of the Sheltered Unicorn before the commencement of the faerie festival. He was not as sure however, when he saw what awaited them.

The late morning sun was just cresting and marking the start of the afternoon when the small group of Elves came to the top of the rise that led down into the Ashaba River Valley. They were on the western end of the valley, closer to Shadowdale, and none of them expected to witness anything like what they saw. Even though it was many miles away, they could plainly see stretching some 15-20 miles to the west toward Shadowdale, a wide, clear swath had been hacked through the forest. The trees felled, the undergrowth hacked and burned. It followed the general contour of the Ashaba river while not exactly mirroring every loop and bend. The Elves stood in utter silence. Siam’s heart began to break and Eirruilyr had to bite his lip to fight back the scream of bitter rage that risked ripping from his throat.

From the distance, they could only make out that a fairly large and apparently well organized group was cutting their way east through the valley; though Siam had little doubt that this was somehow related to the news he had received about his associate Greer. After their minds had absorbed what they were seeing for a few minutes, they decided to ride down into the valley and try to get closer in order to investigate.

Chapter 5 Part 3

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