Chapter 1 Part 4

Tarsakh 02, Year of The Solitary Cloister
Siam returned very late in the previous evening and breakfast was spent with everyone catching up. The ranger reported that in fact, there was a powerful and sinsister lupine terrorising western Cormanthor and he was going to rally some of his friends and allies of the court to address the situation.

Ardinia and Arthon would escort Lialk back to the monestary and then see what they could do about the monestary’s pest problem. Farewells were said, Seaoth Melithtylar gave Arthon his final orders and Siam and Ardinia went for a short walk in privacy. The ranger would come south to the monestary as soon as the lupine situation was taken care of and Ardinia gave her word to be careful while they were apart. With Arthon dying to get away and Ardinia more longing to stay, they were finally off.

The three hour ride to the monestary was uneventful, and even enjoyable as the forest around them was awakening to spring. Even in these dark times, with the once magnificant Cormanthor reduced to a pitiful shadow and being litterally invaded by the world of men…even now, the ancient elven lands bristled with Sylvan and Faerie magic and it was still a place of beauty unrivaled by any other in the entire world.

At the monestary, they were greated with much gratitude and hospitality. The remaining four monks living there filled in the details Lialk had overlooked or forgotten and the siblings assured the timid clerics that they would do all that they could to assist them. Arthon assured them that he was under direct orders and he would die before he would let further harm befall the monestary and for the first time in awhile, the clerics seemed a bit relieved and almost relaxed.

Chapter 1 Part 4

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