Chapter 1 Part 5

Tarsakh 05, Year of The Solitary Cloister
The next few days were spent walking around the grounds of the monestary, visiting the places the brothers had described and generally trying to come up with a plan of action.

The goblins were coming from the southwest (Arthon had already pointed out that it was rare to find goblins in such numbers this far north) and approached the monestary through their gardens on the southern edge of the grounds. At first they were content with rumaging for ripe vegetables, but the past two times had ventured almost the entire way up to the monestary itself. And they had taken a goat each time. The brothers were clear, they could not afford to lose another goat.

So, a plan was hatched. After a good piece of convincing (and a nice Diplomacy checks) they talked the monks into letting them cut a hole in the side of their utility shed. Adriana set up in the shed and Arthon a little further south in a small group of trees, both of them with a clear line of fire on goat pen.

They waited the first night without issue, but the second night their planning was put to the test. In the middle of the night, they were jolted from their boredom and dazing by sounds among the fields to the south. For a long time they sat and listened before they saw two goblins creeping toward the monestary in the dark. Arrows flew and one fell immediately. The other was able to let out an alarm before he was struck down as well.

Another group of four goblin warriors came to investigate the commotion and a small battle broke out. While a small group of goblins are no match for two elven bows, the Sylvan siblings had not counted on the little buggars using poison and before long Arthon was feeling their ill effects. It ended up being a rather tense battle with Arthon openining himself up to extra attacks to draw fire away from his sister, who was limited in spells with enough range. When it was all said and done, one goblin managed to escape and Arthon was down, goblin poison raging through his veins.

Chapter 1 Part 5

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