Chapter 1 Part 6

Tarsakh 06, Year of The Solitary Cloister
By the following morning, the monestary brother’s already had nearly all of the poison out of Arthon’s system, and the day was spent in rest and relaxation.

Ardinia did take advantage of the free-time to discuss the tales of the monestary’s secret library with the monks. They informed her that it was as big a mystery for their brotherhood as it was for everyone else. They knew little more than she did: the library was added after the monestary was originally constructed and functioned as a place to safekeep items that required safekeeping; whom comisioned, designed or built it was lost in history; and many, many have attempted to discover the library’s interest.

They were able to give Ardinia some information that she had not heard before. At some point in time, someone had written a riddle describing how to find the secret library:

The prayer of three brothers
And the blood of two more, true
Into the chalice of St. Herraie
And a sacrafice of Patricia’s greates love

The monks were even able to provide insight into nearly all of the riddle. The prayer of three brothers was taken to mean three brothers reciting St. Herraie’s creed standing in the three circles that made up the main pattern on the floor in the central retunda of the monestary. In either wall of this retunda is a fountain fasioned like a chalice in the hand of St. Herraie, and the second and third stanzas of the riddle has been interpreted to mean that the blood of two brothers must be dribbled into each.

The last clue in the riddle was still a mystery. Over centuries, noone has been able to even definately identify who “Patricia” is, let alone what here greatest love could be. Ardinia spent the day considering this, and discussing it with her brother when he was awake and able to. At the end of the day, however, they were still as confused as the rest of those who have attempted to tackle the riddle.

Chapter 1 Part 6

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