Chapter 1 Part 8

Highsun 19, Year of The Solitary Cloister
It was halway through the summer before Ardinia and Arthon grew tired of spending every evening waiting for something to happen and they instead put Lei in charge of keeping look out. He could patrol a mile radius and report to them the first sign of goblins. It was shortly after this revalation that Siam arrived at the monestary. The next month and a half was rather dull. Ardinia and Siam pretended to be newly weds, much to Arthon’s discomfort, and a little time was spent trying to do further research on the secret library. Other than this, it was almost a boring summer.

Until Lei’s urgent warning woke Ardinia late one evening. The monestary brother’s were somewhat impressed as the group rushed out like a well trained troop, Brother Jophis going with them. He had volunteered to use his sling and spells to provide some support for his brethren. In only a couple minutes, the group was ready. They positioned themselves in predetermined spots around the monks’ fields to the south. With Arthon’s training in military matters, they all felt comfortable that they were ready for whatever the goblins threw at them. Siam, Ardinia and Jophis were arrayed to the north of the fields, giving them the best fields of fire on the approaching goblins and Arthon positioned himself between the tree line and gardens. All was set.

An initial group of goblins crept from the trees, obviously expecting trouble. And they got it. Three of the four fell to the ground, one snoring loudly and the fourth looking at them in astonishment and wonderment at their sudden nap. And then all hell broke lose. It quickly became obvious that they cheif’s son was far more intelligent than the typical goblin and he made a good fight of it. Breaking his troops into smaller groups, he sent them into the open one small bunch at a time, the rest waiting for the previous group to make it to cover before they ventured out into the killing field of the elven arrows. From a purely tactical point, he did a fairly good job at shaming the elves and Arthon found it very irritating…but was very, very happy that the first half of the battle was not witnessed by Seaoth; he would have never heard the end of it.

But all leaders have a weakness and the goblin cheif’s son’s was arrogance. Had he been more patient, the battle may have gone very differently. However, unable to wait any longer, he led the final group of goblins out into the fray long before his forward archers had gotten into good positions. To his credit, Arthon had established a good line and all they had to do was wait for the goblins to make a mistake. Within a couple seconds of emerging from the trees, the goblin cheif’s son was near death and a good part of his warriors dead, incapacitated or even routed. He got his personal guards to form a line and interfere with the elves as he made his escape.

While they were somewhat disapointed that their main target had escaped, and Jophis was a bit concerned with the damage his gardens had taken, they could not deny that they had achieved a big victory and they celebrated as they tied up the prioners. In a day or two, they would go to the goblin camp and exchange the prisoners for the chief’s word that his people would not come to the monestary again until at least spring. Siam made this much easier by claiming that Greer would see to it that the goblins had plenty of provisions to make it easilty through the winter.

There was not even much diplomacy needed. The goblins had been obviously beaten and it was equally obvious that any further raids would be as disasterous for the tribe. So, the chief while maintaining an air of importance and pride, eagerly agreed to the deal.

Chapter 1 Part 8

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