Chapter 1 Part 9 Ardinia

Drawing Down, Year of The Solitary Cloister

As their group separated to move on to their own destinations, Ardinia gave her brother a big hug. Even though it was just for the winter, she knew she would miss him deeply and with the studying she was hoping to be doing there would be no time to make a visit this winter.

After Arthon was far enough away and Ardinia could no longer see that he was ok she turned to her beloved husband and hugged him tightly.

He whispered to her “My love I know you are concerned for the boy but look at him he is no longer a boy he is a grown mature adult, that after this last Goblin fight, you must admit he can handle himself just fine, he will be ok my love do not worry.” Just his words seemed to always managed to calm Ardinia.

As they traveled to Maiaryum’s she became more excited as she has not seen him since her wedding. He is like an uncle to her. He has always been there anytime Ardinia needed him and he would come to see her often while she studied with her master. Ardinia had great respect for him and Siam knew this and also had the same feelings for him. As they came upon his tower/castle she sent Lei up to let him know they where close and on there way. As they approached the gates to the tower Lei came swooping down landing gently on Ardinia’s, almost nodding in agreeance that this was the right place to come. Then suddenly the gates swung wide open and standing about 20 paces from the gates was (insert name), almost like a show to great them. Ardinia ran in and gave (insert name) a hug like he had never gotten before, and before releasing him she kissed him gently on the check and whispered “Hello (insert name), I hope things have been good for you I am sorry I have not come sooner, I missed you terribly” (insert name) said back to Ardinia “as I have you come in child bring in your husband and your creatures” as that said Lei landed on (insert name) his left arm and he stroked the back of neck as she always loved. After Ardinia let (insert name) go he walked up to him and greeted him with a strong eleven handshake “Hello my friend how have things been?” Siam asks. (insert name) says back “things have been good, lonely and a bit tedious but have been good. I have heard you have had some interesting times as of late though, as have both of you” Siam looked a bit puzzled wondering how the old elf had already known. “but enough of this small talk it is winter we should be inside talking”. As they walked to the tower/castle Ardinia sent Lei off to do her thing and Siam told Shadow to watch the perimeter. As usuall (insert name) castle was in impeccable shape, clean with many old eleven battle scenes on the walls and magical wards and different collectable items in which he was very proud of, funny though, he had never had a women friend but his place was always cleaner than even a kings castle. As he offered them a chair and a drink he askes “so what brings you this way, I am sure you just did not miss me”. Ardinia sighs heavily “I wish we had more time to come more often (insert name), and yes we come for other reasons too, it saddens me that we are too busy to just come and see you, with my master gone I have no resources for new spells and was hoping you would be willing to lend me a hand. I would be more than happy to do Alchemeist work for a couple spells and pay for the rest in which I take?” (insert name) leans back and takes a sip of his tea and looks fairly sternly at Ardinia this sends chills down her back thinking that (insert name) is not happy with her asking him of this and looks at her husband who inturn has a fairly baffeled look on his face when she turns back to look at (insert him) he shouts “Ardinia how long have I known you, do not answer that, before you could even think of casting is how long and you come here to ask me a silly question like that…of course you can my dear and no payment is neccasary replace my ink and pens and we will call it even” ”now if you are short on money I would be happy to let you do some potion work for me, after all I only have two hands” He smiles gently as he sips his tea and magically has there cups refilled on there own with the tea pot just floating in the air pouring in the tea..Ardinia smiles a girlish ‘that is a cute trick” smile. (insert name) speaks up and says “oh and one more thing dear you need to tell me how the battle with the Goblins went, more so how did you do” (insert name) he knew this was tech. One of Ardinia first battles without her master watching over her.

Ardinia yearning to talk to someone about how well she thought she had done just starts to burst out the story when Siam interrupts “my love I am sorry to interrupt but while you too are chatting this over and you are studying I have a couple things I need to tend too so I am going to leave for a bit but will be back, you are safe with our friend here” with that he shakes (insert name) hand again and hugs his beloveded and then is on his way to whatever, Ardinia likes to know where he is but understands he watches over all the forest that is left and does so much it is hard for him to say he would be in just a certain place.

After Siam leaves Ardinia goes back to the story and just talks (insert name) ear off. Finally when she is done he gives her his advice of what he thought she should have done and more friendly tips, not thow in her face her lack of experience, but just tips of how to handle it better next time. Ardinia listened intensly because she no longer had her master to guide her and knew all that (insert name) had done and had nothing but respect for what he had to say. After a bit of time discussing magic, how the spells worked for her, how to improve her abilities, they went to his study where he showed her what potions he needed made. She gave him a list of ingredients she would need that he did not have and he gave her one of his books saying “Child this book is the perfect book for you to study from. Find the spells you need from this book and copy them as they are now yours”.

After a couple of months of Siam and Shadow coming and going and Ardinia making potions and studying intensely, (insert name) mentioned that spring was coming soon and they would need to be heading out soon. Siam speaks up “yes love we need to check on our place before we go back we should go do that before we head out, maybe we stop and get your brother first since it is on the way”. Ardinia frowns heavily she just loves having someone to talk magic with and yearns for her master as (insert name) fills that void of her while he is around. (insert name) “my child do not frown, I am here and will be for a long time, you never know when I may just show up” he chuckles “and I never know when you may just show up”. Ardinia says “I know (insert name) but I just love spending time with you however you and Siam are correct. I am in the middle of one other potion once that is finished we can go, it will be done in a bit”. Siam then trots off to get there steeds ready.

Chapter 1 Part 9 Ardinia

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