Chapter 1 Part 9 Arthon

Drawing Down, Year of The Solitary Cloister

Parting ways with Ardinia and Siam, Arthon made his way home. When he got there, he delivered the sealed letter given to him by the brothers at the monestary. Having no idea what it contained, he was genuinely surprised when a week later when Anae Norresithek met he and Seaoth at the temple on a morning that was already strange as Seaoth ordered Arthon to ready the horses and would not explain what was happening. In silence they had ridden to the temple and Arthon was almost alarmed to see the First Lieutenant awaiting them. The purpose was soon clear, based on the recommendation from the monks of St. Herraie, Arthon was awarded a steel dove. The dove is used by Aerun’s Army to signify servitude and recognize those forwarding the faith of the Goddess of War and while steel is the lowest merit level awarded Arthon was still very pleased to see that his efforts were not only appreciated, but awarded.

An exciting spring and summer were followed by a long and cold winter. The forest of Cormanthor, while still full of life for those willing to see it, seemed to be barren, and without spirit. A loneness felt by the remaining inhabitants was constant, but in the winter, it became close to unbearable. To avoid it, each of them did their best to keep busy. Arthon saw to his duties, and trained rigorously in preparation for a fight he sensed looming in the distance.

Of the mendacity of guarding an abandoned fortress, Arthon’s boredom was broken by the return of the dreams. He had been having them for about half a decade now and at first they were very infrequent. Over the past 12 months, however, he had the same dream more often and this winter, at least once a week he would wake trying to figure out what was going on. It was always at the hill, a non-distinct hill but one he was familiar with and had even visited once after the first couple times having the dream. While sometimes he was alone and other times he would be with others (from his sister, to his Sergeant to the priests of Rillifane) and one time he would be walking and the next perhaps riding a mount, it was always the same hill. And he was always going there for the same reason: to listen to an Elven male speak. He did not know who the elf was, nor even what he was speaking about. But in his dream Arthon would go to the hill and then listen to the elf intently. Arthon was almost becoming irritated with his subconscious by the time the weather began to warm.

The spring promised travel and all the adventure that comes with it. Seaoth was expecting them to return to the monastery at the first opportunity and preparations for the journey were mulled over by the trio. It was with some disappointment that they learned that Siam would not be returning with them, however the mysterious druid Greer would meet them at the monestary.

Chapter 1 Part 9 Arthon

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