Chapter 2 Part 1

Ches 18 – Ches 30, Year of True Omens

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As spring falls upon Cormanthor, the timelessness of the Sylvan homeland simply moves on. For the minds of mortals and men, a season is something meaningful. For those more in touch with the world, it is simply another dawn. And this new dawn found a party gathering in Ryventhal.

Siam met Ardinia at Maiaryum’s tower long before the first melt; more than long enough he had been without her. When the weather permitted, however, they bed the elder wizard a fond farewell and began the trek southwest. About the same time, Arthon finished up removing the last of the ice from the edges of the roof lines at Ryrthellen’s Keep. Another one of his duties was to make sure that the melting snow did not pool on the shingles more than necessary. He and Seaoth had fought with a leaky rough several years ago and finding a quality elven craftsman these days was so difficult that the experience altered the regular maintenance routine that fell upon the young cleric. When this was finished, however, Arthon was pleased to hear his sergeant tell him that they should probably get to Ryventhal and prepare for his return to the House of St. Herraie’s Wisdom.

A week or so later the siblings were at the cathedral and making the last of their preparations. Siam informed them that he had spoken with Greer over the winter and had learned that the reason the goblins had left their traditional homeland to the south was because they were displaced and essentially were now refugees. It seemed that a group of gnolls had taken the valley as their own. While the gnolls and goblinoids were never friends, this particular group of gnolls were almost unnatural in their bloodlust. They had no interest in capturing the goblins, nor even eating them for that matter which was not uncommon at all for ‘normal’ gnolls. For whatever reason, these gnolls seemed nearly possesed with a single mindedness focused only on blood and murder. The goblin chief had no alternative but to move his people to safety.

Siam was not overly happy with sending Ardinia off on her own in this situation, even with her brother to look after her. But he had no choice. He had to get out west to the Glen of Sheltered Unicorn before the fairies assembled there for their annual spring celebration. In the past, when the party got out of hand, anything was possible from an entire summer of winter like weather to major rivers reversing the direction of their flow suddenly. Keeping an eye over the festivities and making sure to keep things resembling sanity was perhaps Siam’s most important duty.

So, it was with a somewhat heavy heart that he stood next to Seaoth and watched the brother and sister ride out of sight to the south.

Almost sensing his concern, Seaoth mentioned without looking, “He may not be the brightest stone in the creekbed, but that boy can swing a sword with some authority. Matched with your wife’s witchery, I would invest more concern for the gnolls than in those two.”

And with that, he began walking off. Siam smiled at the old one, who refused to be pleasant even when he was being nice, “Thanks.” he said to the retreating soldier and got a “Hmph.” in reply.

With one last glance south, the ranger turned back toward the cathedral.

Chapter 2 Part 1

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