Chapter 2 Part 2

Claws of the Storms 3, Year of True Omens

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The siblings’ trip to the House of Saint Herraie’s Wisdom was uneventful and took the expected four hours without event. Jophis met them on the road, having seen them coming and excited to greet his friends.

The monks got the wizard and cleric quickly caught up on the recent past for there was not a lot to tell. The goblins had stayed true to the agreement and had not been heard from all winter. Other than the typical maintenance issues Jophis had to deal with every winter, everything was as it had been when the pair had departed the previous autumn.

A feast, or what the monks would consider a feast, was served and the elves spoke long into the evening. The next morning, as if informed by some source, Greer was waiting for them before they awoke. The information he provided was only slightly more detailed than what they had received from Siam. There were a group of about 12-15 gnolls to the south. This group had left their homeland, as well as ever other thing common to them and for no apparent reason had decided to ravage the Ashaba valley between the human settlements of Shadowdale and Ashabenford. These gnolls had abandoned almost every single one of their traditions, they used no tools or weapon and ran around the woods without clothing. They had not set up any kind of a camp or other settlement and apparently only had one goal and motivation: to murder and savage every living creature they came across.

“Sounds like fun.” Arthon said sarcastically under his breath.

After a couple questions, the brother and sister felt comfortable they had all the details they needed set about preparing to continue south. The monks were happy to provide them with provisions and supplies and in a day or two, they were again on the road and heading south towards the mighty Ashaba river.

Chapter 2 Part 2

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