Chapter 2 Part 8

Claws of the Storms 29, Year of True Omens

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The first several days of the return trip were rather uneventful. The weather was agreeable, the forest settling into its spring routine and the elven siblings at home and more at ease leaving the humans behind.

On the 8th day of the second ride of the Claws of Storms, however, Arthon woke his sister in the middle of the night,

“You have to see this,” he exclaimed, excitement and alarm in his voice, “Come quick, before it passes.”

With a bit of irritation, Ardinia rolled from her bedroll and out from the low spruce branches she had been sleeping under. On a normal evening, she would likely have only been meditating, and this would not have been nearly as much work. Still recovering from her wounds, and she winced as she rose, sleep was a necessity, and it had pulled her deeply into its embrace.

“Come on, you are going to miss it!” It was almost as if he were a child again, waking her early on All Givings she though irritably.

Not trying to hide her irritation, she muttered, “What is it?” as she drew her shirt around her neck. Her brother did not answer, but just pointed skyward.

“I said, what in the…” but she did not finish as she finally looked up through the opening in the forest canopy above her. There, streaking through the sky was a massive fireball, a trail of flame, smoke and spark tracing its path across the black canvas of the night.

“What in the gods.” Ardinia muttered. And without trying to be coy at all and instead in complete sincerety, her brother replied,

“That’s what I was hoping you could tell me…”

“A metoeor? Comet?”

Arthon looked from the sky over at his sister as if to ask, ‘you aren’t really asking me, are you?’ but said nothing. After the mysterious object was out of sight, they both looked to the sky for several more minutes. Then, Ardinia finally spoke again,

“As far as I can guess, it must have been a meteor. The elders at the Hall of the Western Star will likely have a more informed answer, however. We will need to ask them when we get there.”

It took her a long while to fall back asleep, and for the rest of the evening, Arthon spent most of the time gazing skyward.

They returned to the House of St. Herrarie’s Wisdom to report success and inform Greer that the goblins would be able to return to their home without fear of the gnolls. The monks had little more information on the celestial events of the other evening. They spent the night with their friends and in the morning, finished the last leg back to Ryventhal.

Chapter 2 Part 8

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