Chapter 3 Part 1

Time of Flowers 12, Year of The Solitary Cloister

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Weeks passed in elven heartbeats, the minutes that men call ‘months’ ticked by and the spring flowed into summer. Arthon spent his days in the routines Seaoth had invented to keep them busy while Ardinia studied, experimented and spent time with Siam in between his regular trips out to fulfill his ranger duties.

Arthon’s life up until his sister brought Lialk to Ryventhal was a series of routines, and now he fell back into them. On a regular schedule, he would have both patrol and post duty, trading off the routes, posts and times with Seaoth. This was only after they would assemble every morning in the courtyard of Ryrthellen’s Keep, the young private standing at attention and his Staff Sergeant giving the day’s announcements. This used to bother Arthon, these fantasy rituals, it used to make him pity Seaoth and see him as mentally fragile. As time passed, and no doubt he aged, his opinion was slowly beginning to shift. He realized that it kept him sharper than he would be otherwise, he was always mindful to get to bed early enough to be wakeful and alert for the mornings assembly. His patrols and posts while serving no obvious purpose or point has still forced him to learn nearly every crook and turn of the ancient fortress. He felt comfortable that he could spend a day in the place fully blindfolded and not miss a step. All this is not to say that it was not all for the most part mind scrambling boring for a young elf who had come to Aerun’s Army for servitude and glory.

There were the dreams…but these were almost becoming routine themselves. Always an elf on the hillside to the west of Ryventhal. He knew the hill, had been there and gone there after the dreasms began. But he knew not the elf he went there see. It was always to go there and listen to the mysterious elf speak, though the details may differ from one night to the next; his sister and Siam were sometimes in the dream, either already at the hill waiting for him or traveling there at his side; sometimes priests and clerics from the Hall of the Western Star would be there…other times, the hill was completely vacant save for the private of Aerun’s Army and the mysterious speaker. This past year, the dreams were coming at a frequency of several a month, far more often than in the past.

On average, every four to five days the pair of soldiers would take the short ride towards Ryventhal and report to the priests at the Hall of the Western Star. The temple was impressive, and it was often referred to as a ‘cathedral’ for while paling in comparison to the houses of worship in the western court, it was the seat of power for the religion of Rillifane in the western half of Cormanthor. And the priests who administered this temple had authority over any of Aerun’s Army in the west. It was essentially another ritual in pointlessness but Seaoth made it a standing order to report to the priests at the Hall of the Western Star.

The routine was broken up halfway through the summer, however. It was upon approaching the cathedral that both soldiers noted that something was going on. As they rode up and dismounted, they overheard a cleric asking a priest as they passed,

“A human?”

“Two of them, actually.” The priest answered, “Followers of some man-god or something. The strange part is that Hernalphys claims to have had a vision about the pair.”

“A vision?” the cleric asked.

“Yes, from Rillifane. He claims we are to aid the humans.” there was almost disdain in his voice as the two entered the temple.

“Tend to the mounts, I will see what is going on.” Seaoth ordered.

And so it went. Two humans had appeared out of the forest and approached Ryventhal. Fully humble and with honor, they approached the Hall of the Western Star and requested audience with the priests there. One of the humans, Terk, was a paladin to the human god Tyr and was on a quest revealed through vision by this deity. He had traveled through the Court and was planning on going to the cursed city of Myth Drannor. He had come to the temple seeking provisions and guidance. Shortly after his arrival, a priest of Rillifane named Hernalphys revealed to his fellows that he had received two separate visions from Rillifane. From those, he felt that Tel’Quessir should do all they could to assist these men in their quest.

Chapter 3 Part 1

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