Chapter 3 Part 3

Claw of Winter 24, Year of the Eight-legged Mount

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By the spring, all was set. The priests of Corellan had prayed and charged one of their clerics the responsibility of leading the quest to the damned city. Arthon was given the official order that he was to join the party and Siam had finally come to terms with the reality that he could not change things, only prepare for them, but still having, Maiaryum agree to accompany them was a significant factor in him coming to grips with everything.

In early spring, they assembled at the Hall of the Western Star. There was Ardinia and Siam, along with Maiaryum representing the contingency going to the city to investigate its arcane secrets. On the sectarian side there was Melharr, cleric of Corellan, and Arthon, private in Aerun’s Army and sworn protector of the followers of Corellan. And then there were the humans: Terk the paladin and his squire Bradley. Were there an army of long bowmen assembled behind them, Siam would not be satisfied, though it did seem that at the least this was as good a party as one could expect.

As they waited for the weather to break, final preparations were made. Seaoth expressed again the orders that his private was to follow: his first and foremost order was to serve and protect Melharr first, and to assist in the paladin’s quest as a secondary priority and lastly if able, he was to see if he could locate the missing manuscripts that Hernalphys had asked about.

Maiaryum went over everything he knew of the former elven capitol. In the last Drow war, it had been lost to their eternal enemy, the Drow. For a century, as the war raged on, the city was ruled by the bastard cousins of the Elves. As the tide of battle turned on them, however, they retreated but not before employing something of a ‘scorched earth’ strategy. They laid into the city with evil and foul magics granted by their dark goddess. They twisted everything within the city. At first, after the war, the Elves tried to reclaim their capitol. It was soon, however, that they came to realize the situation was hopeless. They did the next best thing to reclaiming the city, they sealed it off to contain the evil that now emanated from it. The most powerful Elven mages assembled and employing some of the strongest and oldest arcane arts, they bespelled Myth Drannor and ensured that nothing within the city would ever be able to leave it.

With barely a breath, as they sat, Siam seemlessly took over the conversation as the mage trailed off. As the years went on, Tel’Quessir went on with their lives. Myth Drannor became a city of undead, of the damned. Today, there are two major undead forces within the city. There is a lich, who it is said was a Drow wizard who had been looting the city of its secrets when the Elves cast their magic and trapped him there. Also, there is a vampire lord. Of significant power and ability, it is estimated that he is millennia old, having haunted Myth Drannor long before the Elven war and only revealing his true nature after there were no more mortals to hide from.

Looking at his wife as if to ask, “Did you think I was kidding.” he trailed off and let the others absorb what he had told them.

After a very long period of silence, he said, “There is an elf living there. He was trapped when the city was enchanted and has since not fallen prey to the undead he calls his neighbors. He trusts noone and is terrified of everything. On top of that, he is utterly and completely mad. And if we are lucky, he will help us, for without his guidance we have no hope at all.”

At first he planned to continue, but decided he had not the heart for it. “If you will excuse me, I must rest for our departure.” and with that he kissed his wife’s cheek and left.

Chapter 3 Part 3

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