Monestary of Saint Herraie

“House of St. Herraie’s Wisdom”


St. Herraie was a famous historian and scholar long before he did anything saint-worthy. It was during the VERIFY: Second Drow War that Herraie became famous. During the darker period of the conflict, when the dark elves controled the majority of Cormanthor and had The People with their back against the wall, the queen of the Drow ordered the systematic destruction of everything The People had created beyond what the drow needed to support their occupation. So, while buildings and the like were spared, art, literature, theatres, temples and pretty much everything else was layed to waste.

For over a century Herraie worked clandestinely to combat the Drow’s efforts as far as they included the destruction of written word. Undertaking everything from smuggling to outright banditry, Herraie was tireless in his efforts and while never an ordained cleric, he received direct assistance and intervention from the dieties Angharradh, Deep Sashelas, Labelas Enoreth and Shevarash at different points.


The monestary was built…

Monestary of Saint Herraie

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